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*Poetry; The Last Four Days (M)
*Prose/DI; Andrew Green (M)
*Poetry; I’m Not Fat on the Moon (M)
*Duet; If I Could Script a Date (M/F)
*Oral Dec; Bugman (M)
*Prose/DI; The Christmas Box (M-F)

*Poetry; A.D.D DD DDD D (M/F)
*Prose/HI; I’m Mean to My Kids (M)
*Prose/DI; The Ride (M)
*HI; The Toilet Paper Ration M or F)
*Duet/HI; Gone Batty (M/M, or M/F)


*Duet; Wallflower (M/F)

*Duet; The Grim Reaper is a Hot Chick (M/F)

*Poetry; Words (M or F)

*Prose/HI; The Spoon Incident (M)

*Prose/DI; Papa Oscar  (M)

*Prose/DI; Hic Sunt Dracones (F)



*Prose; You Can’t Take Them Home at Night (M or F)

*Prose/DI; Cooper  (M)

*Poetry; Pluralistic Mind (M)

*Prose/DI;  Mrs. Needy (F)

*DI/Duet; Jack in the Box (M/M or F/F)

*HI; Indian Rap All-Star (M)

*Poetry; Separation (F)


*Prose/DI; Play This at My Funeral (M)
*Poetry; Stick and Carrots (M or F)
*Prose/HI; Promiscuous Ankles (F)
*Duet; Evolution of Manford (M-F)
*Prose/DP; Ghetto Blaster (M)


*Duet; Appropriate Diet for a Pet (M/M or F/F)
*Poetry; The Biggest Fish I Ever Caught (M)
*Prose/DI; 5 Lessons I learned in my 1st Year of Teaching (M)
*DI; Forensicator Forever (M or F)
*Prose; Fragment of a Life (M)


*Prose/DI; Goodbye Mom, I Love You (M/F)
*Poetry; Drip (M/F)
*Duet/HI; Surprised We Haven’t Met Before (M-F)
*Prose/DI; Dyslexic Dave (M)
*Poetry; Civie Libs (M)


*Poetry; Lifesaver Man (M)
*Prose/DI; Superman (F)
*Duet; Learning Along the Way (M-M)
*Prose/DI; Scars (F)
*Duo/HI; Dude, Attorney at Law (M/M or M/F)



*Poetry/DI; A Man and a Boy on a Bike (M)

*Poetry; Lost and Found (M or F)

*Duet; I Love All of Yous (M/F)

*Prose; The Great Stravinski) (M or F)

*Poetry; Forever Alone (M)



*Prose/DI; Line in the Sand (M) 

*Prose/HI; Tommy Undermill (M)

*Poetry/DI; Home Alone (M)
*Poetry; Finger Poem (M or F)

*Poetry; Waste not Want not (M or F)



*Prose/DI; Ginger Snaps Forever (F)

*Prose/HI; Puppies, Trouble and Tit-Shots (M)

*Poetry; Kid Love (M)
*HI/ DUO; Bad Therapy (M or F)

*Prose; Peculiar (M)


*Poetry; My Son the Poet (M)

*Prose/DI; Lack of Experience (M or F)

*Prose/HI; Mouth Stretching, Brain Tumors and Butt Flexing (M or F)

*Poetry; Man with a Broom (M or F)

*Prose/DI; Camp Homo (M)


*Duet; Pigmentocracy (M/M)

*Poetry; Whale 52 (M or F)

*Poetry; If the World Would Wait...I've got Something to Say (M)

*Prose/HI; Unraveled (F)

*Duet/HI; Two for Dinner (M/F)

*Prose/DI; Married to a Mad Woman (M)
*Poetry; Leaning Into It ( F)
*Duet/HI; Mock Debate (Unisex)
*Duet; Yellow Hair (M-M)
*Prose/DI; Talking to my Former Self (M)

*Prose/DI; Conversation with my Cat (M)
*Poetry; I Bet You Can't Hit Me with a Dollar ( Unisex)
*Prose/HI; Latent Fetal Memory (M)
*Duet/DI; The Giant and Mr Flea (M-M)
*HI; BUPpy Love (M/M)