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by David Ralph and Brian Weilert

Call sign of the radio station is sung  “KB 92!” 

Voiceover says, “You’re listening to KB 92, Kansas City’s best late night talk with Walter Odel.”


Walter Odel voice calmly states, “Good evening listeners, you’re here with Walter Odel and tonight’s topic, Who is the Black Man in the 21st century?


Now, I was born on the Paseo just 5 miles from this very spot.  My mother and father, yes I said father, worked at Halmark down at the Plaza; dad maintenance, mom 2nd shift cleaning crew.  My father was a proud man, a proud black man.  He was always forcing pride down my throat.  I must have been dragged to the Negro Baseball hall of fame 12 times before my tenth birthday. Yes, dad was a proud Black man, but he was also a pissed off black man; angry all the time claiming “THE MAN” had cost him three promotions.  He would try to insight my mother and me into his one man riot, “That’s why we have to live in this tiny two-bedroom hole with faded shutters and chipping paint…that’s why you ain’t got a new ball glove boy, and why your momma has to save ol’ bacon fat in that green-bean can to cook with!”  He could keep this up for hours.  Dad would come home at night filled with ideas for his own greeting cards."


“How’s this?  Front: Sorry to hear about you not getting that promotion.  Inside: But DAMN whitey didn’t want you to have it!”


                        Or this one


“Front: you have a picture of a black man bent over the hood of a car.  Inside it says, ‘Call Bubba’s Bail Bondsman for those times when profiling bends you over for whitey!’”


Dad liked the word whitey, whitey and THE MAN.


Problem was, I just didn’t get it.  I had a friend once who was white and I liked him.  Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.  Seems every white person I ever talked tries to weasel into the conversation, at one point or another, they had a friend who was black.  Like they needed to prove they weren’t racist. 


For those of you just tuning in and have never listened to the show I will just come right out and say it, I am a black man.  But just who am I and how do I fit in, in the good old 21st century?  That is the topic of tonight’s show.  I will be taking callers at 1 800 459 0092 after this message from one of our sponsors.




(Sound of a can opening)  Gulp, gulp, gulp….Ahhhhhh.  I used to drink those pints of water others called beer until I found the best.  McDougals Irish beer is the stoutest around; made with only the hardiest of hops and barley.  McDougals is the drinkin’ man’s beer.  In fact if you’re not staggerin’ after six….then you must be Irish!

McDougal’s Premium Irish beer, brewed since 1842.


Walter Odel says, “Well, we are back and we have our first caller, a Mr. McNalley from Overland Park.  Mr. McNalley you’re on the air with Walter.”



McNalley says in a think Irish accent and  obviously drunk  Ah, I’ve been a listenin’ to the show for a about three weeks now since my wife booted me out of me own house screamin’ like a banshee ‘bout me being a drunken bum.  Her words, not mine.  Anyway, I want you to know I like what you have to say.


Walter replies, Thanks, for the personal history there Mr. McNalley…


McNalley quips call me Jimmy.


Walter nicely states, Ok, you got it.  Jimmy, what do you have to say about the state of the Blackman in the 21st century? 


McNalley slowly slurs out “well, Mr. Odell…that’s Irish isn’t it?  No matter, we Irish have been the blacks of Europe for Centuries and I know your plight.”


Walter defending his position replies, never said I had a plight, but go on.


McNalley spews “I know what it’s like to be poked fun of as being a drunk just because of where God graced me to be born.”


Walter questions “Jimmy, are we drunk tonight?”


McNalley defends himself with “I had a few but why does it matter?  Me wife had done left me and I have no reason to go on livin’.”


Walter says “Well, now Jimmy that sounds just awful but do you have anything to say on tonight’s topic?”


McNalley yells “Are you daf man!  I’m tryin’ to tell you but you just won’t listen.  I told you my wife won’t let me back in and I have no hope!  Do you hear me Walter?”


Walter sarcastically sympathizes “I do man.  I can tell you’re hurting.  Perhaps you can call back tomorrow morning at 7:00am when Dr. Flagen has her call-in show?  Thanks (Click)”



That was Mr. McNalley.  I think we can take a couple of things from what just went on even though Jimmy never really seemed to be on topic.  One is that others are still struggling to find where they too fit in.  The black man is not alone.  And two, stereo-types can be reinforced by just a few.  And if you are one of those few then don’t complain when people call you what you are.


We’ll be right back after this brief message.




Is your car bling-bling

But your system won’t sing-sing?

Roll on down to Bass-R-Us

And we’ll hook you up with the

Phattest sound in K.C.

We have it all, woofers, subwoofers, tweeters,

and the biggest bass cannons in all the land.

If your ride sound like... (weak sound)

But you want it to sound like this… (big booming bass sound)

Then roll on down to Bass-R-Us on  5th, just two blocks of S. I 35


Walter states “We are back, our next caller is D Pity from Independence.  You’re on the air with Walter.”


 D Pity gangsta raps      Sup Odel?

                                     I know how you feelin

                                                Life ain’t appealin

                                          Hit hard

                                    Gone are the days of stealin cars

                        Always hit-n-miss

                                    Niggas got a get his

                                    Be proud

                                                spreadin’ out like an atomic                                                                          cloud

                                                Out loud

                        Cutting my way like a field plowed.


Walter taken aback says “Whoa, D Pity, powerful words but some of our listeners may need a translation.  What are you trying to say about the Blackman in the 21st century?”


D Pit replies “You know whats I’m talkin’ bout dog.


Walter says “D Pity  I think my listeners need a bit more.”


D Pity starts to speak “You gots to be foolin..” but is

Interrupted  in the back ground the sound of an angry mother yelling,

Marvin!  Marvin! You get off that phone right now!  And you better not be calling that..that jiggaboo station again!


D Pity whines “ Mom! Um… I have to go. Sorry Mr. Odel.  Love your show you are really cool an all.” (click)


Walter laughing says, “Hmmm, something tells me that was no brother.  I think what we can learn from D Pity Marvin, is that just because you think you may have it bad, there are others out there who might envy what you’ve got.  So, take the time to look at the good in your life, focus on what you have, not on what you don’t.  We’ll be right back after this commercial."