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Sample from If the World Would Wait...I've Got Something to Say
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By Brian Weilert

I stutterer (pause)

Nnnot all the time

Just wwwwhwhen I’m nnnnervouse

Or on certain letters

Like “Nnnnn”


I find people

Become frfrfrufru…angry

Whwhwhen I can’t

Get wwords out

And they try to ffffinish


You get the idea


MMy dad always

Told mme I ccccould

Be anything I wanted

He lied


I could nnnever be a polllictician

Spewing the ququququick fix

To educate kids,

Castrate rapists,

Decapitate terrorists,

Mannnnnipulate the minnnnds of voters like you.


I’ll nenenenenenever anchor the nnnnnews

Diane Sawyer’s job isnnnnn’t inn jeopardy

The war might be over by the time

I get through the headline of:

Wwwwwwar has brokkkkkken nnnououououout


Or be a lawyer

Nnnnot that I want to be one

If I could it might be fun

Except a jury would be less concernnnnned

Wwwwith the defendannnts DNNNNA

And more focused on my stuttering way

Forcing an innonononocent man to become prisonnn gay


At nnnnight I dream…

          (becomes clear)



I’m not flying of falling

Or going to school in my underwear

Not watching a beautiful woman strip


But liquid words flow from my lips

Unencumbered by hiccupped blockades

I can stand on a pulpit and preach:

“My Fellow American’s

A vote for me

Is a vote for the possibility

Of open-minded policies


Allowing the news to sound like

Today we have peace


And the probability of a better tomorrow


Where those who are criminals preying on the innocent

Are found guilty

No lawyer loophole shall set them free


At night

I cast aside the world

Where nothing seems to be fast enough

Where watching a microwave labor 30 seconds




Interrupting me

Not wanting to wait

Bringing that weak hate

As they finish my….




Is no longer in play

As my sweet voice

Flows out

As I poetically spout

On things I kept inside

All damn day


Because I am afraid

Afraid of the-

Sorry man, I gotta go- lies

Rolling of eyes

As they posture their bodies

For a quick goodbye


I whisper to my classmates

So they have to lean in

And really listen

I am not retarded

I have a lot to say

That should be highly regarded

And though it takes time

I’m worth a try

Oh, and I am funny


No one even knows that

Makes you want to cry

I also have a grasp on irony

But I’m not quite through

So I pull them in closer and point

That one of them should step up

When others make fun and bully

Because I hold them accountable too


I then check my hair in the mirror

Before loosening my tongue

To tell beautiful Susie

She’s the one


If she would just gave me a shot

And some time

Patiently waiting for

My mind to clear the clutter

I could make her heart flutter

A butterfly’s wings sublime


I shout at Mr Knipp

Who doesn’t give a shit

About his students

Sitting with his back to the class

Texting or Facebooking

While we silently read

…or text or Facebook

I tell him to wake up and teach

That it is the most important


And about the kids he could reach

But he abuses this opportunity

To change lives

Shying away from

Calling on me

I know you see my hand

Because you don’t want to handle

What might happen

If stuttering was allowed to thrive


It bothers you to have to listen


I tell my dad to slow down

That seeing him is more important

Than me having a new pair of jeans

Trust me

Clothing is not my problem

When it comes to fitting into a click

I carry a heavier brick

Trust me

When I say I am getting older

And will soon be gone

Running from your son

Who struggles to speak

Is wrong

I tell him I love him

Just because

That’s important

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