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Many people like to know a little about the company behind the products they buy, so we'll use this page to provide more information about our philosophy, history, and writers.


In 1999 I, Brian Weilert, along with two of my ex-students, David Ralph and Evan Thomason, started Tibetan Treefrog Publishing.  Evan's first piece, Andrew Green, and his desire to get it published, is what led to the birth of the idea.  Inspired by Taylor Mahli, also a Kansas State grad, and the format in which he first began publishing his works, the idea became reality.  The company name came from a bogus speech topic I used year after year in my classes as an example when lecturing on informative speech structure.  Our first book was not published until 2000. The goal was to produce one to two books a year from that point on.  We fell short of that mark but are on track to finish up issue # 10 this summer.  We love giving our customers a large variety of pieces from which to choose.    

Our Philosophy

Our goal in coming together was to create new and competitive pieces for the forensic circuit. Both coaches and students often struggle to find texts that are not overdone. We also understand that many excellent texts are unable to be cut due to various factors. With dwindling budgets, coaches need to maximize their buying power.  We strive to write ready to compete, affordable selections. Some cutting may be necessary for specific event guidelines but all our pieces range from 7 to 15 minutes in length. TTF is dedicated to the production of a quality, product that will give our customers a competitive edge.  We will not allow a piece to be published that we are not 100% sure can be a winner.  Other companies have sprung up over the years mimicking our approach but you will find when it comes to the heart and soul of what makes a company like this work, writing, no one comes close.  Our proven track record at local, state and national tournaments is proof that what we are doing, works.

Our Writers

David Ralph was a high school national medalist in duo interp and also qualified in Lincoln Douglas Debate. He is a graduate of Kansas State majoring in secondary education (speech/drama/English). David also competed at the college level for K-State. David currently coaches debate and forensics in the state of Kansas. DOB 1982

Evan Thomason was a high school state champion in Serious Solo Acting. Evan spent many hours  working toward his creative writing degree at Kansas State, where he too competed.  Evan currently works in the gaming industry in California.  DOB 1982

Brian Weilert has been writing for over 32 years. You now have the pleasure of reading what has only been shared with a select few, namely those in his group home.  DOB 1966
Inis Steno is new to us and hopefully will contribute more in the future.  Inis has been a life long friend who recentley discovered his talent for the written word. 
DOB 1966
Levi Weilert is also new to us.  He has been a high school national competitor and state champion.  He was a competitive college forensicator as well.  He works in graphic design and writes.
DOB 1989